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The Tests

The tests for Grades 3 – 10 are composed by a group of directors of curriculum from twelve school districts in British Columbia. All tests conform to the Western Canadian Protocol Common Curriculum. The tests are presented to the students on the web via the browser.
The web hosting is on a secure dedicated server in Canada. The online form is protected by a gateway that requires students to enter their PEN.
Student data (minimally student or PEN numbers) are loaded onto the server, and are used as passwords to access the forms (tests).


Reports are preconfigured, and data is reported:

  1. by division.
  2. by school.
  3. by district.
  4. by student.
  5. by strand.

Within reports, data is queried (filtered) by:

  1. by gender.
  2. by aboriginal / non-aboriginal.
  3. by ESL/non-ESL.
  4. by student (including strands).
  5. combinations of these.

Data is presented in tables. Reports are downloaded in .PDF file format. Full data sets in .CSV are included for further analysis by the school or district.


All form and data administration is managed by Testonline.ca, including:

  • supplying and managing the servers.
  • composing and loading the forms onto the servers.
  • managing site traffic (bandwidth).
  • monitoring and managing the online database.


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